A Collection of Journals


The Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations knowledge community creates a space of discussion for anyone with an interest in, and concern for, mediating cultural difference and diversity. Common Ground's collection of Diversity journals examines the realities of difference and diversity today, empirically and critically as well as optimistically and strategically, touching upon the topics of globalization, identity and social group formation. At a time of virulent reactions to difference and globalization (ethnonationalism, racist backlash, parochialism and protectionism), there is a pressing need to reflect critically on the shape and the possibilities of the normative agendas of diversity and globalism. They aim to be a place for thinking about and discussing these pressing matters, and in ways that range from the ‘big picture’ and the theoretical, to the practical and everyday business of negotiating difference and diversity in organizations, communities and civic life.

The Diversity Collection is relevant for academics, educators and research students in the fields of globalization, nationalism, anthropology and cultural studies, tourism studies, ethnic studies, indigenous studies, gender studies, disability studies, gay and lesbian studies, diversity management; public administrators and policy-makers; private and public sector leaders: diversity management, equal employment opportunity, human resource development and workplace trainers and change agents—anyone with an interest, and concern for, mediating cultural difference.

The Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations knowledge community publishes into a collection of journals. This consists of:

The International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities, and Nations: Annual Review  ISSN: 1447-9532 (print), 1447-9583 (online)

Thematic Journals:

The International Journal of Organizational Diversity - ISSN:  2328-6261 (print), 2328-6229 (online)
• The International Journal of Community Diversity - ISSN: 2327-0004 (print), 2327-2147 (online)
• The International Journal of Diverse Identities - ISSN: 2327-7866 (print), 2327-8560 (online)
• The International Journal of Diversity in Education - ISSN: 2327-0020 (print), 2327-2163 (online)

The annual review publishes once per volume; the thematiaclly focused journals publish quarterly.

Authors can request which of the thematic journals they would prefer for the publication of their article. Alternatively, when the author does not opt to make a selection, the Common Ground editorial team will curate each article into the appropriate thematic journal.

The annual review consists only of articles considered to be of wide interest across the field selected by our editorial team in consultation with the Advisory Board. We do not accept direct submissions to the annual review. Candidates for inclusion in the survey journal will include top-ranked articles, works by invited contributors, papers offered by plenary speakers at the conference, and articles selected from thematic journal submissions for their wide applicability and interest across the field.

Subscribers and conference participants are offered access to the whole collection of journals, organized into thematic sections and the survey journal for ease of access and clearly differentiated focus of interest. While all of the journals in this family have unique ISSNs, they share index listings.