Themes & Tensions

Theme 1: Identity and Belonging

Making sense of individuals, communities and societies

Living Tensions:

  • Dimensions of Individual Differences – Ethnicity, Gender, Race, Socio-Economic, Indigenous, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Disability
  • Historical Meaning – Cultural History, Oral History, and Cultural Renaissances
  • Dynamics of Diversity – Inclusion, Exclusion, Assimilation, Integration, Pluralism
  • Exclusionary ‘isms’– Racism, Sexism, Heterosexism, Ageism, Ableism, Nationalism, Capitalism
  • The ‘-isms’ with Agendas: Feminism, Anti-Racism, Multiculturalism
  • Who Counts? – Social Justice, Injustice, and Redress
  • Media Representations – Authenticity and Stereotypes

Theme 2: Education and Learning Worlds of Differences

Teaching and learning difference

Living Tensions

  • Inclusive Education – Dimensions of Individual Differences in Learning
  • Educational Policies and Practices – Curricular and Instructional Frameworks for Diversity
  • Ethics in Education – Participation, Inclusion, and Difference
  • Educating Teachers – The Role of Institutions, Administrators, and Community Members
  • Power of Contexts – Language Diversity and Learning New Languages
  • In Situ Learning – Service or Experiential Learning and Intercultural Understanding
  • Global Frames – Multicultural, cross-cultural, international and global education

Theme 3: Organizational Diversity

Building, sustaining, and valuing diversity in organizations

Living Tensions

  • Planning for Diversity – Inclusive Employment Policies and Practices
  • Beyond Legislative and Regulatory Compliance – Disabilities, Workplace Harassment, Discrimination
  • Designing Spaces – Access and Accommodation of Diverse Meeds
  • Cultural Mediation – Negotiating Assumptions and Practical Outcomes
  • Markets and Diversity – Niche markets, Customization and Service Values
  • Leveling the Playing Field – Global Economics, Fair Trade, Outsourcing, and Equal Opportunity

Theme 4: Community Diversity and Governance

The processes of governance and democracy in diverse communities

Living Tensions

  • Democracy and Diversity – Questions of Representation and Voice
  • Defining Necessities and Insuring Access – Housing, Medicine, Food, Water
  • Considering Fames of Justice – Human Rights, Civil Rights, and the Law
  • Mainstreaming or Integration – Services Based on Unique Cultural Identities
  • Politics of Community Leadership – Challenges for Local Government
  • Capacity Development – Self, Governance and Local Sovereignty
  • Intercultural Relations – Tourism, Travel, Exchanges, Missions